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Future Coating

Slibio technology based on wide range of different Caracter's that can be designed and controllable by our researchers. 

The first product that we developed to deal with insects based on Self Lubricating composition that is natural coating, which is nature friendly, made from natural ingredients, biobased and approved to be eaten, have unique surface properties that repel the clinging of any substance on it.

The coating can be applied on different surfaces, trees, fences, greenhouses, etc.

After applying the coating on the tree trunk, a slippery layer is formed which prevents pests from climbing on the tree.

The formulation is built in a unique way that will allow the coating to lubricate itself in a regulated manner and for long periods of time (2-3 months) which alters it from smooth coating to super slippery and durable for long periods of time.

Our products are totally green, ecological and cost effective and highly competitive with all the current solutions in the market.

Nature Friendly

Bio - Based

Cost Effective

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